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Weight Loss Peptide Treatments Aren’t Just for Athletes

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There is a lot of press out there about athletes using peptide treatments for increased muscle mass, faster recovery from injuries, and improved fat burning. But anyone can benefit from peptides, and Aspire Rejuvenation can provide peptide treatments to you. What are peptides and what is their benefit?

Peptides are chains of amino acids that are part of most cells in your body. Peptide production can be affected by age and stress, which is why we lose muscle mass as we age, gain weight when we are stressed, and lose skin tightness over time. Peptides both regulate certain body functions but are also a key element in the production of human growth hormone (HGH). This is a hormone that is produced when younger but can often decrease once a person reaches their 30s.

Peptide treatments to correct HGH levels offer several benefits to our patients:

    • Improved muscle density and strength

Peptides also increase testosterone which plays a role in muscle development

    • Reduces inflammation

Inflammation can be caused by injury or excess fat in the body

    • Improves oxygen delivery to the body

Oxygen delivery helps burn fat and improves performance for endurance athletes

    • Improves and balances your metabolism

Peptides help regulate glucose and insulin levels and promote optimum cellular performance

We have concentrated on muscle strength and weight loss, but there are additional benefits to peptide therapy including:

  • Improved stamina and workouts for athletes
  • Better memory retention and concentration
  • Improved ability to burn fat
  • More sexual arousal and better libido
  • Better energy levels
  • A stronger immune system

For more information on peptide therapy or any of our programs please call Aspire Rejuvenation today at 407-233-4006.

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