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What Females Need to Know About Sexual Dysfunction & Sexual Enhancement

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Various studies have reported that one-third to one-half of all women will suffer from sexual problems at some point in their lives. When it becomes serious or causes emotional distress it is considered sexual dysfunction. The symptoms are quite varied from woman to woman but can include:

  • Pain during intercourse
  • Lack of sufficient lubrication
  • Few or no orgasms
  • Unwanted or excessive sexual arousal
  • Involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles



The concern for women is that these sexual issues not only cause emotional distress for the woman but can create relationship issues with their loved ones. Sexual dysfunction in women should not be dismissed or ignored.

Perhaps you suffer from some sexual difficulty but don’t have a clear idea about what is normal sexual function. Here is a quick summary of the major stages of normal sexual activity:

Sexual motivation — A woman is motivated to have sex based on any of the senses, or even being mentally stimulated. The desire is to either have sex or continue if any foreplay has already begun.

Arousal — Arousal varies from woman to woman, but the result is increased blood flow to the genitals which also occurs in men. The vagina and clitoris will become swollen and enlarged, and the vagina begins to excrete fluids to aid with lubrication.

Orgasm — This is the peak of the sexual experience. Most women will experience muscular contractions and the vagina will experience a series of contractions. Some women can experience multiple orgasms in the same session.

Resolution or conclusion — In the final phase the woman will experience a sense of well-being and muscle relaxation. Resolution can occur even if a woman doesn’t orgasm, and some women can continue to be aroused to reach further orgasms.

If your sex life has been listless lately, the causes can be both mental and physical. Medications can affect libido, so you should talk to your doctor to determine if you have a reaction to your medications. Alcohol, anti-depressants, and drug abuse can all be factors leading to sexual dysfunction. Mental or psychological issues can include stress at work or home, anxiety, or a feeling of being unattractive or undesirable to your partner. Over time, the inability to become aroused leads to less lubrication which can lead to painful intercourse. It is a cycle that can end up with a total cessation of sexual activity.

Aspire Rejuvenation wants to help women with our two products that can help with sexual issues:

Climax Formula — This is a prescription cream that can help with libido issues and will enhance sexual pleasure in women. It is applied to the vaginal area to help stimulate blood flow which will help with both arousal and sexual pleasure.

PT-141 — Also known as bremelanotide, this peptide was originally designed as a melatonin enhancer to help people wanting to get faster tans. During tests, an unexpected side reaction was an increase in erections in men and sexual arousal in women. Phase II clinical trials have shown positive effects of PT-141 on male sexual dysfunction but have also shown positive effects in female rats that are believed will be similar in women.

For more information on Aspire Rejuvenation’s programs for female or male sexual dysfunction, or for more information on any of our services, please call 407-233-4006.

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