Health 2.0 Conference in Dubai honors Florida-based Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic as “Best Company 2022”

Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic, a leader in hormone optimization therapy to help women and men achieve optimal health, is the proud recipient of the “2022 Best Company” Award at the Health 2.0 Conference on March 23, 2022, in Intercontinental, Dubai Festival City, UAE. The award recognizes Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic’s innovative treatment of age-related conditions and its dedication to providing state-of-the-art medical care through hormone replacement therapy. Founder and CEO Tomislav Marjanovic was one the first keynote speakers at the conference, delivering a presentation on “Hormone Optimization Therapy and the Business of HRT.”

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Health 2.0 Conference – Rethinking The Healthcare Landscape

The Health 2.0 Conference brings together some of the world’s leading healthcare experts to reimagine the future of healthcare. Featuring the latest advancements in healthcare and wellness on a vibrant platform, the conference fosters networking and idea exchange among forward-thinking companies and individuals.

Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic – 2022 Best Company

Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic was awarded the 2022 Best Companies Award – a predictor of present and future success for companies making significant strides in health care. CEO Tomislav Marjanovic, recipient of the award, will provide a keynote address at 2:20 PM GMT on March 23, 2022, on Hormone Optimization Therapy and the Business of HRT. Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic was founded by Marjanovic for the purpose of addressing the most significant issues surrounding hormone replacement therapy and helping patients look, perform, and feel younger as they age. 

“This award is a testament to our hard work,” says Tomislav, “and it gives us the confidence we are on the right path toward aging-without-aging while remaining an innovative clinic.”

Hormone Optimization and The Business of HRT

The aging process causes our hormone levels to decline, resulting in muscle loss and fat gain. We experience hormonal changes that can negatively impact our quality of life as we age, including reduced libido, depression, fatigue, and loss of energy. Hormone optimization therapy has been proven to reduce the risk for chronic diseases significantly. 

Hormone Optimization Therapy (HOT) has been shown to be superior in safety and efficacy to conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Diagnostic testing and analysis rarely offered in traditional settings allow clinics to diagnose underlying issues and explain how hormone imbalances are causing symptoms. A number of metabolic diseases and age-related issues can be significantly slowed if not completely reversed or prevented with hormone therapy treatments.  

For practitioners of conventional medicine, this is a significant discovery because it sheds light on how hormone therapy can prevent disease and disease risk factors – which has important implications for how they educate their patients about prevention and health in general. Hormones play an important role in both men’s and women’s health, but these findings indicate that hormone replacement therapy is just as effective at preventing disease as long-term medications for both genders.

“The biggest issue is that many practitioners are not confident in their ability to diagnose properly, and so they take a cookie-cutter approach, recommending lower hormone doses for all of their patients to avoid any risk of over-prescribing,” says Marjanovic. “The medical industry has been failing at patient education and discussion on preventive care practice.”

Attain and Maintain the Best Version of Yourself as you Age

Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic is a premier wellness center and rejuvenation clinic helping men and women maintain the best version of themselves as they age. Since its inception in 2019, Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic has grown rapidly, with expansions on the horizon in Pittsburgh and other states. Their trained and certified medical experts excel in all areas of health and fitness to maximize the body’s full potential. Learn more about their renewal program online at


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