Functional Medicine

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Dutch Test Plus

Dutch Test Plus is a comprehensive hormone test that provides detailed insights into hormonal imbalances and identifies potential underlying causes. This test is designed to help individuals optimize their health and well-being through personalized hormone balancing.

Dutch Test Complete

Dutch Test Complete offers an all-encompassing diagnostic solution, empowering individuals and healthcare providers to gain profound insights into hormone imbalances and their health implications. By evaluating multiple hormone levels, this comprehensive test enables informed decisions regarding treatment plans, ensuring optimal care and well-being.

Genova SIBO 2hr breath test

Breath testing is a unique way of determining if you have too many bacteria growing in your small intestine. Treatment may involve eliminating the overgrowth with antibiotics, herbal supplements, and/or a specialized diet.

Genova GI Effects Comprehensive Panel

The Genova GI Effects Comprehensive Panel (1 day/no Add Ons) provides you with an in-depth analysis of your digestive health, identifying the underlying issues causing your gastrointestinal symptoms. With this testing solution, you can make an informed decision about your treatment plan and take steps towards improving your overall wellness. Trust in this comprehensive panel to give you the answers you need about your gut health.

Genova Comprehensive GI Effects with Microbiomix

The Genova Comprehensive GI Effects with Microbiomix Add On is a comprehensive gastrointestinal test that provides a detailed analysis of gut health, including digestion, absorption, and gut microbiome composition. This test offers valuable insights for personalized treatment and management of various gut-related conditions.

Genova Microbiomix Genome Microbiome Sequensing

Microbiomix Genome Microbiome Sequencing provides comprehensive analysis of the microbial DNA present in a given sample, allowing for detailed insights into microbial composition and function. Our state-of-the-art sequencing technology ensures accurate and reliable results for microbiome research and analysis.

Genova Genomic Methylation Testing and Interpretation

Collection and interpretation of blood and genomic testing for methylation and potential genetic mutations that could lead to metabolic problems.


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