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Struggling With the Effects of Low-T?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for developing and maintaining male sexual characteristics, leading to the development of features like a deep voice and body hair beginning in puberty. It helps to maintain muscle and prevent bone loss and is necessary for natural libido and sexual function in men. However, as we age, our testosterone levels naturally decline — testosterone levels can begin dropping as early as 35 years of age. This decline can lead to a reduction in libido, energy and strength, along with symptoms like erectile dysfunction and difficulty concentrating.

Topical Testosterone Cream Can Help

Regular application of topical testosterone cream by men with Low-T can lead to:

  • Increased libido
  • Improvement in erectile dysfunction
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Preservation of bone mass
  • Decreased cardiovascular risk
  • Increased strength and energy
  • Improvement of wellbeing and mood
  • Improved concentration and cognitive function

How Does Topical Testosterone Cream Work?

Topical testosterone creams deliver prescribed doses of testosterone without the use of injections or invasive procedures by allowing the hormone to be absorbed through the skin. Most creams are compounded with bioidentical testosterone, which is identical to the structure of the naturally produced hormone, allowing the body to utilize it while minimizing the usual testosterone cream side effects caused by synthetic hormones.

How To Apply Topical Testosterone Cream

The medication is applied to clean, dry skin. Where to apply testosterone cream to your body and how often depends on the direction of your physician and your prescription. Never apply more than instructed. From there, the hormone is absorbed into the bloodstream, where it helps your body reach normal testosterone levels. You should always clean your hands thoroughly after application to avoid transferring any cream onto others.

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